Refit Costs

People who are interested in cruising are often curious about how much it costs to refit (and maintain) a boat, and how much it costs to cruise.  Oftentimes the answer on forums is “As much as you have” which frankly, isn’t particularly helpful.  Yes, some people do it on a shoestring.  For others it truly is “as much as they have.”  But finding hard numbers that can be used to get a ballpark idea is difficult.

This page is to keep track of how much we are spending to refit Pegu Club to get her ready for cruising.  I started out tracking miscellaneous things like tools,  hardware, and cleaning supplies, but it became too unwieldly.  A good estimate is we’ve spent approximately $1,000 on those types of things.  This doesn’t include annual maintenance such as bottom paint, zincs, rigging tape, etc.

Once we finally get “out there”, I’ll have a page for our monthly expenses.  In the meantime, here we go:

EXPENSES TO DATE: $44,542.39

Boat purchase (not including ferry travel): $17,847.04
Purchase Price: $15,500
Sales Tax: $994.41
Survey: $690
Quick haul out, bottom wash, 1 hour of captain time for sea trial: $662.63

Dinghy and outboard: $2,240.76
Achilles dinghy – $1,337.85
Honda 2.3 hp outboard: $902.91

Coast Guard Documentation: $100

Interlux Interprotect 2000E barrier coat and fiberglass wash – $469.71

Fiberglass, Epoxy, G10, sealants, Supplies: $450.28
(6 yards of 10 oz x 38″ fiberglass cloth, 1′ x 2′ of 1/4″ G10, , 1′ x 1′ of 1/2″ G10, Sikaflex 291, resin, hardener, filler, silica, pumps, pots, sticks and spreaders, brushes)

Seacocks and thruhulls: $898.97
Bronze hardware + raw water intake parts – $69.83
4 Groco bronze 1 1/2″ seacocks – $373.66
4 bronze 1 1/2″ thruhulls – $167.96
4 bronze pipe to hose adaptors – $75.56
4 Groco backing blocks – $211.96

Standing Rigging: $4,912.04
Chainplates – $923.12; chainplate fasteners – $105.57
Shrouds, stays, hi-mod turnbuckles and terminals – $2,813.35
Hi-mod spares kit – $210.00
Change gooseneck to fixed – $430

Running rigging: $152.17
Traveller lines (2 at 8′ each, 5/16″ Samson XLS) and hardware – $108.03
Jib downhaul line and ring – $44.14

Whisker Pole (Newport Nautical consignment), stanchion chocks, and ring: $521

Electrical: $670.97
LED bulbs  and 2 fixtures – $424.48
50W Solar panel – $89.99 – this is just for now.  We’ll have larger panels before we leave.
Solar panel mounts – $82.94
MPPT controller for solar panel – $81.00
20 feet of wire for solar panel – $34.99
Deck seal for solar panel – $20.99
3 Caframo 12 volt fans – $80 (Newport Nautical Consignment)

Electronics – $760.14
Refurbished B&G Zeus2 chartplotter – $530.68
Simrad Go Free Wi-fi1 Module – $180.89
Starbrite and u-bolts to mount chartplotter – $48.57

Sails – $455.95
Used hank-on jib from Bacon Sails – $418.45 (Will consign this back to Bacon Sails when we buy new sails)
5 hanks from Sailrite for Bacon Sails headsail – $37.50

Canvas-related supplies: $3,638.99
Sailrite LSZ-1 deluxe package and hot knife package – $1,231.46
Curtains: $82
Interior Cushions foam, repair supplies, silk film: $309.83
Tools: $204.20
Weathercloths: $189.05
Cockpit cushions: $301.95
Winch covers: $29.70
Foredeck bag kit – $76.10
3M Spray Adhesive for cockpit cushions – $28.95
Replacement zipper for dodger – $8.90
Canvas patterning ruler – $15.95
Bimini kit from Sailrite – $879.90
Mainsail cover kit from Sailrite – $195.15
Bosun’s Chair kit from Sailrite – $85.85

Galley: $310.01
Omnia stove top oven (gift) – $82.39
Slim Brita pitcher – $10.97
Origo potholders – $116.98
Stoneware dishes for 4 – $70.71
Silverware tray – $5.99
Anti-skid – $22.97

Plumbing: $353.87
Trident reinforced water hoses – $97.97
Vinyl hose to act as shim for bathroom sink – $4.93
water hose clamps – $22.36
bathroom sink – $77.66
bathroom sink drain and flange – $11.78
galley sink faucet – $27.59
Whale flipper faucet for bathroom – $80.99
Flush-mount deck fill for Nature’s Head vent (the old one was raised) – $30.59
Trident PVC tubing for deck fill – $35.94
hose clamps for deck fill – $4.60

Engine: $9,559.35
Exhaust hose to create a riser for following seas – $175.35
Beta 16 with high-rise exhaust elbow, vent loop, cooler recovery bottle, 75 amp alternator, and spare parts kit – $9,384 (incl. tax and shipping)

Miscellaneous: $773.38
one diesel jerry jug – $33.99
two fire ABC fire extinguishers – $42.53
Boat name and hailing port – $77.30
Stay Plug – $14.39
Radar Reflector – $53.99
Spreader Halyard Kit – $51.29
Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern – $14.39
6 Samson super strong double braid dock lines – $325.50
Winch handle – $35 (Essex Gam Silent Auction)
PLB – $125 (Essex Gam Silent Auction)

Books and Charts: $387.22
(Pardy’s Storm Tactics Handbook; Pardy’s Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew; Yanmar service manual; Nigel Calder’s Marine Diesel Engines; Boat Galley Cookbook (gift); The Art of Refinishing; Cornell’s World Cruising Routes; Cornell’s Pilot Charts; Waterway Guide to the ICW; NV Charts for Dominican Republic/Puerto Rico/Spanish Virgin Islands; Explorer Chartbook – Exumas and Ragged Islands

10 thoughts on “Refit Costs

  1. I enjoyed your page and all the details you went into. I’m a 48 yo male, grew up on my dad’s 36 ftTripp designed Choe Lee built sloop out of noank, ct. I love sailing and am looking to purchase a 29.9 and go sailing lol. Please keep your progress noted on your page. Best regards, Dave


    1. Thanks, Dave. Your dad’s boat sounds like it was great! We’ll definitely be keeping this page up to date. I’ve always wished there was more info out there about ballpark expenses for this size boat, so I figured maybe it could help someone else. Best of luck on the search for your 29.9! Kimberly


  2. Wow! Great stuff and fascinating to read. There are people who will really find this helpful. Track your page views. Some of the companies you use may want to advertise someday. Love, Dad

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Time is definitely harder to track. That’s why I have a generalized count at the bottom, since bouncing from task to task made it too difficult to keep it separate. Love, Kimberly


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