Big Pegu Club’s Survey and Trip to Her New Home

Once we had agreed on a purchase price, we needed to get a survey on Big Pegu.  If it didn’t turn up anything that was a deal breaker, then we would finalize the deal and bring her home.  We searched through the two sailing forums that we frequented, found a surveyor who came recommended, and scheduled the survey for Thursday, July 30th.

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Boat shopping.

We had decided on paper that a Bristol 29.9 could be our next boat, but before we knew for sure we needed to see one in person.  Fortunately there were a few for sale in our area, so we figured it was time to start looking.

We began by posting on the Bristol Yahoo groups that we were thinking about moving up from our B24 to a 29.9 to get some input from owners.  I posted about our cruising plans and asked if the boat would work for us, and the responses that we received were very encouraging.  People that owned 29.9s loved them and had taken them out in all sorts of weather and conditions.  I even received a response from a guy who was currently in Fiji on his 29.9, having started in San Francisco.  This was definitely a good sign. Continue reading “Boat shopping.”