Boat Projects: Triple the time, double the cost.

We decided to replace the deck fill hose that leads to the water tanks.  It wasn’t something that we HAD to do – we had simply been filling both tanks through their ports – but it would make the task a little easier because we wouldn’t have to remove the v-berth cushions to get to the v-berth tank.

It seemed like an easy project.  Take off the 40 year old hose, put on a new one.  Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, max.  When will we ever learn?

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Some days are just like that.

We headed down to the boat on Saturday with a list of things to do and items to buy.  After stopping at Home Depot, Harbor Freight (when Home Depot didn’t have what we were looking for), Spicer’s (for Thumper’s primary fuel filter), West Marine, the boat (to take some measurements), and right back out again to Defender, we were finally back at Pegu Club and ready to get to work.  Aaaand – not so fast.  Continue reading “Some days are just like that.”