To-Do List

Our last day of work will be April 30, 2020 and we’ll be casting off the lines by May 15th, 2020.  Below is our list of things to take care of during each off-season before we leave.  Hopefully we can do it on this time frame (in other words, hopefully the engine lasts for the next three seasons), and fingers crossed we won’t need to add too many unexpected items.

Remove head, holding tank, and all related items
Rebed stanchion bases and cleats
Repair forward hatch – will rebuild both hatches in 2017-2018 offseason
Remove anchor wash
Remove shore power
Remove pressure water system
Scrape bottom paint, sand, add barrier coat and bottom paint
Fix and install Origo 4000
Sew winch covers
Remove galley and head faucets and install new ones – almost finished (need to hook up hoses)
Install head sink
Remove chainplates and install new ones
Install Nature’s Head – almost finished (need to finish wiring)
Fix wire slapping in mast  – damn – it didn’t work.  Try again next offseason.
Install interior LED’s
Install LED running lights and mast lights
Install mini solar panel
Create exhaust loop for engine
New terminal strip for wind instrument
Strip Cetol and varnish hatchboards – decided simply to strip, sand and oil for this season and do it right in the fall
Strip Cetol from cockpit grates – still on the fence about using cockpit grates.  Update: only going to use the smaller grate behind the wheel so I can see over the dodger better.
Cutout cockpit grate to fit cockpit drains better – see above.  Got rid of the large grate.
Remove galley thruhull and seacock, and install new ones
Remove sink thruhull and seacock, and install new one
Remove cockpit drain thruhulls and seacocks, and install new ones
Clean water tanks and replace water hoses
Sew and install curtains
Replace foam in interior cushions
Reconnect air vents to dorades
Replace traveller line
Make cockpit cushions – Started but didn’t finish.  Will have them ready for the 2017 season.
Make weather cloths – See above.

Replace stuffing in the propeller shaft and rudder shaft
Replace steering cable
Replace raw water intake thruhull and seacock
Clean and paint “engine room” – next offseason while engine is being replaced.
Run halyards externally
Clean bilge and replace corrugated bilge pump hose – next winter.
Send out hatches to have them rebuilt – will do this during the 2017-2018 offseason.
Fix wire slap in mast once and for all  Hope so!  We’ve given it another shot.  Yay! Fixed! Strip Cetol off toerail
Strip Cetol off handrails and varnish them
Bilgekote cupboards, shelves, bilge
get sail kit for Pegu-teeny
Install hardware for jacklines – do this before Martha’s Vineyard trip in September.
Make or buy jacklines and tethers – do this before Martha’s Vineyard trip in September.
New standing rigging – was going to be 2017-2018 but found a crack in the swage
Make deck sailbag for hank on jib.

New double lifelines/extra rail in cockpit
Strip Cetol and varnish coamings
Strip Cetol and varnish cockpit table
Replace ports with opening ports
Rebed cabintop hardware
Replace electric panel and wiring
Make interior cushions
Make and install bimini
New running rigging
New sails (mainsail, jib, drifter, stormsail)
Rebed remaining deck hardware.
New engine

Install windvane
Install electronics
Repaint nonskid
install dinghy chocks

Install solar panels
Install manual windlass
Install watermaker?
Install Engel?  Nope.  Not going to have a fridge.
Make or buy Jordan drogue
Install netting
Make screens for hatches