Pipe Creek. How is is possible that the Exumas keep getting prettier?

A short sail away from Staniel Cay was Pipe Creek, an absolutely stunning spot which is now my favorite place in the Exumas. As far as beauty goes, it is the prettiest place we’ve seen so far, and that’s saying something. 

Pipe Creek runs between Pipe Cay and Little Pipe Cay, and at low tide the vast majority of the water is gone, leaving sand flats everywhere.  The water ranged from dark blue to turquoise, electric blue to clear.  

We spent several days here, simply not wanting to leave.  We watched kiteboarders (who love the shallow spots), a seaplane landed in front of us, and every time the tide went out we took the dinghy and played in the water, floating in the shallow areas, drifting along, and walking around the sand flats.  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let these pictures (which honestly don’t do it justice) do the talking:

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A big project finally crossed off the list – and on to the next one.

The weekend of September 12th was fairly low-key.  Jeff had pointed out that we needed to build in some occasional down time where we simply stayed home.  It’s easy for me to get hyper-focused and go-go-go, so I knew that he was right.  As a result, we decided that we would go to the boat on Saturday only.

Saturday the 12th found us at Shenny bright and early to help remove the sailing school boats for the season.  Many hands made light work, so next it was off to Defender and Home Depot for our weekly visits.  Once we were back, Jeff sanded the four fiberglass patches and filled and faired them.  All that was left to do was to put a few layers of epoxy resin on each patch and this big project would be finished!   We needed to wait for the filler to cure before adding the resin, so it wasn’t going to be officially finished until the following weekend, but it still felt good.

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