Escape to Vermont.

Our original plan was to haul out Pegu Club for the season on September 3rd and then head west on our cross-country camping trip.  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Henri had other plans for us, however.

We had been tracking Henri ever since Chris Parker started mentioning him in his tropical weather e-mails. He showed up as a blob just south of Bermuda, and when we were first made aware of him I remember saying to Jeff that I hate it when storms develop in that area.  Instead of following a fairly predictable path, they just wobble and wander around with the potential to cause trouble. 

Sure enough, several days later Shenny had initiated its hurricane operations procedure and we were debating whether to haul out or not.  After deciding that discretion was the better part of valor, we found ourselves out of the water a full two weeks earlier than we intended.

Pegu Club, hauled out for Henri. We were SO glad Henri didn’t damage any Shenny boats.

Fortunately, in literally he final hours of his approach Henri veered a bit east of us so all of the boats at Shenny, including Pegu Club, were unharmed.  Less fortunate (I’ll never call it unfortunate because we avoided a direct hit), as one of the first of over 85 boats to be hauled out it was going to be awhile before the boats in front of Pegu would be put back in the water.  Hurricane haul outs don’t include unstepping the mast, so leaving early to head west wasn’t an option.  But living on the hard for several days wasn’t appealing in the slightest.  What to do, what to do?  It didn’t take long before we decided to go camping in Vermont for a week as a shake-down of sorts for the big camping trip. Continue reading “Escape to Vermont.”

A completely unexpected turn of events – we’re going to the Bahamas!

Up until we arrived in Florida we weren’t entirely sure what our plans were for this winter.  Of course the Bahamas were our first choice, but there were a few issues: (1) if we ended up with the ‘vid there, the medical facilities were few and far between (and arguably not as good as in the States); and (2) the Bahamian government was requiring Covid tests within a tight timeframe and was only permitting entry by vessel in a few areas that we could easily get to within the time limit.  None of those areas appealed to us – or had decent anchorages – which meant staying at expensive marinas.  So we had resigned ourselves to not going there this winter, and tried to get psyched about spending the winter in Florida.  And then…. Continue reading “A completely unexpected turn of events – we’re going to the Bahamas!”