What? No rebedding all weekend? A nice change of pace.

Our goal this past weekend was to install the last cleat and the bow and stern pulpits.  Since this would officially mark the end of this off-season’s rebedding project, we were excited to get to it.

We thought that the bow pulpit would be a challenge because it “sprang” out when we removed it, but fortunately the whole project went fairly smoothly.  Rebedding the stern pulpit and the cleat meant that I had to climb back into “The Pit of Despair” (yes, it’s a Princess Bride reference), aka the rear lazarette, but it was a price I was glad to pay to finally finish rebedding for the season.  A few quick hours later, we were done.  Hooray!

With the rebedding finished for this year, we were able to enthusiastically turn our attention to new projects.  Tracing and removing abandoned wiring sounded good, so Jeff got started removing most of the wiring for the shore power.

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