October by the numbers.


Below are the numbers for October, including what we spent.  This month we continued what may be the slowest cruise ever, going from Oyster Bay, NY to Hampton, VA.  The cash outflow was better than last month, but would have been less had it not been for the repairs necessitated by the unfortunate underwater dike incident in Delaware Bay.

Days under way: 11

Nautical miles covered: 455.26 nm

Gallons of diesel used: 35

Number of states: 5 (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia).

Nights at anchor: 20

Nights on a mooring: 7

Nights at a slip: 2

Nights in a camper (at Delaware City Marina): 2


Groceries: $415.65

Diesel/Gasoline: $151.79.  This includes a can of TruFuel (non-ethanol gas) for the dinghy which is $20 a can.  Moving into states that sell non-ethanol gasoline at the pumps will help a lot with this.

Propane/Denatured Alcohol: $24.81.  Two propane canisters for heat and the grill, and one gallon of denatured alcohol for the stove.

Health Care: $84.47

Cell phone and internet (2 phones, one iPad data plan, iCloud storage, and a
Garmin inReach subscription): $165.61

Mail Service: $10.60.  The UPS Store charges $5.00 to have mail delivered and held.

Laundry: $31.75

Ice: $9.00

Showers: $2.00

Netflix: $11.10

Shenny annual dues: $550.  We decided to maintain our membership for another year to keep our options open for returning to our slip in Groton next summer.

Boat stuff: $2,445.09.  The repairs and a power wash to Pegu Club’s bottom cost $2,188.36.  The rest is for a ditch bag, zincs, extra cotter pins, spare bolts for the windlass, a 5 gallon diesel jerry jug, disposable gloves, 2 hanging dehumidifier bags, and some hose to make oil changes easier.

Restaurants/Entertainment: $181.84

Uber/Bus: $16.00

New York Times subscription: $40.40 (gets billed every four weeks)

Marinas: $301.  This is for one night on a mooring in Port Washington, two nights at a slip in Delaware City, and four nights on a mooring in Annapolis.

Life Insurance: $220.75.

Random: $153.88 – this amount includes new v-berth sheets (the cotton ones always felt damp), a Kindle book and a real life book, a write on/wipe off board, a collapsible push cart for groceries, two Mega Millions tickets, AAA batteries, anti-skid for the galley cupboard, two DVD’s, and tips for marina staff.

Total: $4,815.74

September/October average: $5,452.41

4 thoughts on “October by the numbers.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! I enjoy doing it. We ended up replacing the cotton sheets with a bamboo/rayon blend. It’s all we could really find at the Home Goods store in Port Washington but they are substantially better than what we had. Kimberly


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