September by the numbers.


Below are the numbers for September, including what we spent.  To summarize where we went over the month, we cut the dock lines on Monday, September 3rd, heading first to Block Island and then to Narragansett Bay to see what Hurricane Florence was going to do.  After a few weeks a weather window to hop outside to Cape May still hadn’t appeared, so we decided to take the inside route instead down Long Island Sound.  By September 30th we had made it to Oyster Bay, NY.

Below are the numbers for September, including what we spent.

Days under way: 11

Nautical miles covered: 228

Gallons of diesel used: 9

Number of states: 3 (Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York)

Nights at anchor: 24

Nights on a mooring: 4


Groceries: $297.98

Diesel/Gasoline: $14.00

Health Care: $4,726.23 – this amount is a one-time Cobra payment providing health insurance coverage from October – December.  We will be signing up for Connecticut’s health exchange effective January 1st, so the cost will go down dramatically in the future.

Cell phone and internet (2 phones, one iPad data plan, iCloud storage, and a
Garmin inReach subscription): $110.99

Last pro-rated internet bill from the apartment: $9.99

Mail Service: $121.75 – this includes a $100 deposit to the UPS Store which they will draw from when we have mail forwarded to us.

Laundry: $26.00

Ice: $13.00

Showers: $9.50

Netflix: $11.10

Boat Insurance: $90 – this is a flat amount to account for the increase in our premium when we added a rider for the Bahamas and increased Pegu Club’s declared value.

Boat stuff: $318.19 – this amount is for 2 handheld VHF radios, supplies for our water catch, a 12v plug inverter to recharge the computer, carabiners and lines to make a dinghy hoist, ten oil diapers, a 5 gallon collapsible water jug, a chain hook, two velcro wraps, electric cable anti-chafe, two fuses, and a 9v battery for the multimeter.

Restaurants/Entertainment: $79.60

Uber/Bus: $30.83

New York Times subscription: $20.20

Marinas: $58.49

Auto Insurance: $51.36 – this is the difference between the refund for cancelling our policy when we sold our car and the premium for our non-owner policy which will keep us out of the high-risk pool should we purchase another car in the future.

Annual subscriptions: $82.79 – This is a one-time annual payment to upgrade our PredictWind app and a one month upgrade for our SailFlow app.

Random: $17.08 – this amount includes dominoes game, a tea kettle to replace the one that broke, and other miscellaneous amounts

Total: $6,089.08

4 thoughts on “September by the numbers.

  1. Thanks for this detailed information. I really enjoy seeing the cost of living based on your new digs. Keep the blog coming. Curious to see what next month will be. Looks like this month you had some start up costs.

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