November by the numbers.


Below are the numbers for November, including what we spent.  This month we finally entered the ICW upon leaving Hampton, VA and made our way south to Graham Creek, SC.

The cash outflow was slightly better than last month, but it skewed high due to the need to return to Connecticut for scheduled doctors appointments for Jeff.  This meant that we left Pegu Club in a marina while we were away, rented a car, etc.  Fortunately the appointments went well and he doesn’t need to return for six months, assuming nothing changes.

We also decided to bite the bullet this month and buy a new iPad (we were using a second generation which is now our backup) and upgrade my iPhone which was on its last legs (it was an iPhone 5 that I bought used several years ago).  If it’s not obvious from the age of our old electronics, we rarely upgrade so unless they fall into the ocean we won’t be needing to buy new ones for several years.

We’re hoping that December’s numbers will better reflect what we’d prefer to spend in a typical month.  In the meantime, here we go:

Days under way: 13

Nautical miles covered: 409.02

Gallons of diesel used: 37

Number of states: 3 (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina).

Nights at anchor: 7

Nights on a mooring: 5

Nights at a slip: 18 (5 nights were free)


Groceries: $426.57

Diesel/Gasoline: $133.28.  This includes five gallons of ethanol-free gasoline in a jerry can for the dinghy.

Propane/Denatured Alcohol: $37.08.  Eight cans of propane which we use for heat and the grill.

Health Care: $140.37

Cell phone and internet (2 phones, one iPad data plan, iCloud storage, and a
Garmin inReach subscription): $164.39

Mail Service: $100.  This covers future mailing expenses when we have the UPS Store forward our mail.

Laundry: $6.00.  We did laundry on our trip to Connecticut (thanks, Rebecca!) and Belhaven Marina had free laundry which helped keep this monthly expense low.

Ice: $9.00

Showers: $2.00

Netflix: $11.10

Boat stuff: $114.27.  This included tea tree oil, antifreeze, a heat diffuser for the stove, a box of latex gloves, replacement short-fingered gloves, and anchor gloves for Jeff.

Restaurants/Entertainment: $303.64

Uber/Bus: $30.32

New York Times subscription: $20.20

Marinas/moorings: $502.  This is for two nights in Hampton after we returned from Connecticut (the other five nights are included under Connecticut expenses); five nights in Belhaven where we were delayed by weather; five nights on a mooring in Carolina Beach where we were again delayed by weather; and one night in Georgetown, SC.

Clothing: $263.52

Connecticut-related expenses: $1,096.23

Random: $1,192.09.  This amount includes the iPad and case, iPhone, a magnifying glass so I can read the charts more easily, hand and foot warmers, boat cards, and tips for marina staff.

Total: $4,552.06

September- November average: $5,152.29

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