August by the numbers.



Wow!  It’s been one year of cruising full-time!  Time flies.

We spent August in Fishers Island Sound and Long Island Sound as we began to work our way south again for the winter, with Pegu Club anchored in Port Washington, NY at the end of the month.  As predicted last month, our expenses were much more reasonable and I do believe that we’ve finally managed to get them well-dialed in.  We’ll want to buy radar and an AIS transponder if we decide to go further afield than between Southern New England and the Bahamas, but nothing has been definitively decided yet on that front.

With that being said, here we go:

Days under way: 9

Nautical miles covered:  176.21

Number of States: 3 (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey)

Nights at anchor: 30

Nights on a free mooring: 1


Groceries/Non-food Groceries/Alcohol: $625.84

Diesel/Gasoline: $56.95

Denatured alcohol for the Origo: $18.00

Medical: $113.24

Cell phone and internet (2 phones, iPad, iCloud storage, Garmin inReach subscription): $354.60. This was particularly high as we fiddled with our plans (and bought a hotspot) to bring the future costs down significantly. One more partial T-Mobile month in September, and after that it will be approximately $100/month total, all-in.

Mail: $28.00

Laundry: $11.00

Amazon Prime: $12.99

Boat Insurance: $472.00 – this is the premium for 12 months.

Boat Expenses: $64.35 (final bill for our transient slip at the club, plus $3 for fuses for the Nature’s Head)

Restaurants/Entertainment: $139.75

New York Times subscription: $20.20

Clothing: $20.86

Subscriptions: $272.29 (most of this was for another year of Chris Parker, our weather forecaster)

Random: $142.59 (hair clippers, photocopies, cockpit carpet, water bottle, box o’ rags, games, carpet tape)

Total: $2,352.66

2019 monthly average to date: $3,549.08

2018 monthly average (September – December): $4,465.95

Monthly average since starting to cruise: $3,854.55

4 thoughts on “August by the numbers.

    1. Hi Lauren! We enjoy playing cribbage (although we are very mediocre) and gin rummy when it’s just the two of us. Dominoes are also fun. When we are with a group then Hearts, Oh Hell, and Mexican Train Dominoes are great. I’ll have to look into Farkle! By the way, your boat is stunning. Looking forward to following you both on your journey! Kimberly


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