October by the numbers.


In October we made our way from Oriental, NC to Beaufort, SC.  We had a ten day stop in New Bern, NC where we left Pegu Club to take one more drive up north, so there were added expenses for the marina, rental car, tolls, and gas.  The costs for the trip represent 1/3 of this month’s expenses, so setting that aside it was a pretty good month.

Here we go:

Days under way: 11

Nautical miles covered: 357.88

Nights on a dock: 13 (two were free)

Nights at anchor: 18

Number of states: 2 (North Carolina, South Carolina)


Groceries/Non-food Groceries/Alcohol: $784.09

Gasoline/Diesel: $77.42

Denatured alcohol: $55.00 (3 gallons)

Medical: $14.34

Cell data, iCloud storage, and Garmin inReach subscription: $170.54

Mail: $5.35 (hold package charge by Beaufort, SC UPS Store)

Laundry: $4.00

Restaurants/Entertainment: $25.42

Life Insurance Premium: $220.75 (quarterly payment)

Subscriptions: $117.25 (newspapers, streaming services, annual YNAB payment, etc.)

Maintenance: $47.58 (anchor gloves, disposable gloves)

Marina: $40.00 (one night near Southport – the $280 New Bern Marina cost is in the Connecticut-related expenses)

Connecticut-related expenses: $825.24 (storage for boat, rental car, gas, tolls, parking, Uber to and from Enterprise, etc.)

Random Items: $107.78 (yarn and knitting tools, lighters, overnight shipping to return our ballots, citrus rags, etc.)

Total: $2,494.76

2020 Monthly average: $2,774.77

2019 monthly average: $3,457.97

2018 monthly average (September – December): $4,465.95

Monthly average since starting to cruise: $3,350.28

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