Three more stanchion bases complete.

The weekend of September 26th found us back at the boat for more rebedding.  I had hoped that by the end of Sunday we would be finished with everything but the stern pulpit and cleats, but alas, it was not to be.

Everything we’ve read said to use duct tape on the underside of the holes that are being repotted with epoxy.  The duct tape is supposed to keep the epoxy from running straight through.  However, I think it works better if the holes aren’t right next to the hull-deck joint bolts with a healthy dose of sealant smeared around the area.  We didn’t want to remove too much of the existing sealant, so we did the best we could on Saturday.  Jeff kept pressing on the duct tape, and I kept refilling the holes.  It seemed like a losing battle, and when we returned on Sunday we discovered we were right.  We had several holes for the bow pulpit and the “gate” stanchions that were only partially filled.  Oh well.  At least there was a bit of a plug that we could work with.

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