The season comes to an end.

I like to think that our season lasts until mid-October, but I’m slowly having to admit that it’s not necessarily the case.  Last year we hauled out Pegu Club in August so we could get to work on her, but I remember in 2014 we were able to get very few sails in after Labor Day.  Typically as temperatures get cooler a series of northerlies start to drop down.  Throw in an occasional hurricane threat and nor’easter, and it seems like more often than not we end up not heading down to the boat at all.

This year between work obligations, a lingering head cold for poor Jeff, the threat of Hurricane Matthew, and some ill-timed northerlies and general rainy weather, we ended up with a repeat of 2014.  We’re going to have to do some thinking about our haul-out date next year.  If we haul out early we may miss some good sailing.  If we haul out late, we might get lucky and have a few good weekends but we’ll have no choice but to work on Pegu Club when it’s cold.  Maybe the solution is to simply to permanently untie the lines next fall!  Ha!  I wish.

So the last post left off with the weekend of September 24th and our skill building sail.  On the weekend of October 1st, it was raining on Saturday, and we both had to work on Sunday, so unfortunately it was a no-go for the boat.

The weekend of the 8th (Columbus Day weekend) had us hoping to spend the long weekend in Essex.  Hurricane Matthew gave us some gray hairs until he decided to change his track, but Mother Nature still didn’t cooperate.  As of Friday night things looked great, so we packed our bags.  Just before leaving the house on Saturday morning I did a last-minute weather check.  Good thing I did.  Now we were going to get rain beginning in the middle of the afternoon straight through until Sunday night, followed by a small craft advisory for Monday.  Sigh.  However, we were really missing Pegu Club, so we decided to drive down on Saturday anyway to hang out until the rain started.

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