Our first Gam.

Last fall when we went to the Newport Boat Show we joined the Seven Seas Cruising Association.  According to its website, the SSCA is the oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the live aboard cruising community.  Its members consist of people who are cruising, who have cruised, or who are planning to cruise.  We had thought about joining in the past, and after spending some time talking with some SSCA members at the booth we signed up without hesitation.

In addition to offering camaraderie, a great monthly bulletin, and access to helpful hosts around the world at various “cruising stations”, the SSCA also has annual Gams at many locations – including Essex, which is just 40 minutes from West Hartford.  The Essex Gam is a weekend-long event that brings together members to meet, share information, and listen to a number of speakers who give presentations on assorted topics.  We were very much looking forward to our first Gam, so on the weekend of June 17-18 we found ourselves driving to Essex instead of Shenny.

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