A luxury worth every dollar.

When we left to go cruising one of the things that we didn’t have was a watermaker.  A watermaker is a shorthand description for a reverse osmosis system.  Basically it takes sea water, brackish water, or river water and turns it into drinking water.

We had put a deposit down on one at the Annapolis boat show the fall before we left, then Jeff was diagnosed with his CHF so we got our deposit returned because we thought we’d be postponing our departure.  When we realized we could leave as planned, we decided to hold off on the purchase and see how cruising was without it.  After all, you can buy a heck of a lot of water for the price of a watermaker.

Pegu Club’s water tanks hold 63 gallons, plus we have two jerry jugs giving us a total of 73 gallons of water capacity.  We discovered that by being extremely careful with our usage, we could make 73 gallons last for around around 4-5 weeks if we weren’t swimming regularly, 3-4 weeks if we were.  Government statistics state that the average person in the U.S. uses 80-100 gallons of water per day for indoor home use, a shocking amount when you think about it.
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