First fog.

Saturday, September 10th saw us driving down to the boat with my parents who were visiting from Southern California.  They had been sailing on Little Bristol a few years back, but this was going to be their first time meeting the new Pegu Club and sailing on her.

The weather forecast was decent – sunny skies turning to cloudy, winds of approximately 10 knots, and temps in the upper 70’s.  Jeff and I hadn’t been back to Pegu Club since we had prepped her for Hermione the previous weekend, so we needed to put her back together before we could have some fun.  We left my parents to hang out on the beach house porch so we could have a 15 minute head start, and then we got to work.

As Charlie dropped us off on the launch, we were very pleased to see that Pegu Club looked just fine.  The boat next to us had a torn bimini and the mooring ball on the boat behind us was underwater for some reason, but other than that everyone’s boat didn’t seem any worse for the wear.  By the time we had reinstalled the anchor, the Magma grill, the outboard, and had taken the jib up to the foredeck, Charlie was pulling up with the ‘rents.

As Jeff and I hoisted the jib back onto the furler, I quickly realized I would need to use the winch handle for which my dad gently ribbed me.  The jib was up about 90% of the way when Jeff and I paused, and then my dad made a move to help finish it up.  Once he realized what it was REALLY like to hoist that jib, well, let’s just say there was no more teasing!

Before we knew it we were motoring out of the harbor in bright, sunny skies and heading for the Thames River.  As we had gone over the bridge to Shenny we saw that there was a portion of a submarine being built at General Dynamics, and we thought it would be fun to go check it out.  A nice sail followed with a good view, but when we turned around the wind had shifted to the south so we were heading straight into it.  We gamely tried to tack our way back and forth, but after drifting too close to a military ship and watching a Coast Guard boat maneuver itself between us and the ship (Don’t make eye contact!!) we fired up Thumper and motored back to clearer waters.

By now the clouds had moved in, and we sailed out past Ledge Light so we would have a good angle when we tacked to sail back to Shenny.  We were all having a good time when Jeff looked around and noticed that fog was moving in.  He’s very good at detecting fog.  Me?  Not so much.  Jeff suggested that we turn around and start motoring in, and we did even though I didn’t immediately think it was necessary.  Within minutes we were socked in.  Good thing we had Jeff, and the iNavX on the iPad!

This was our first time in fog, and it was quite surreal not being able to see the coastline while knowing that it was only a ten minute motor away.  I was a bit nervous, primarily because I felt a great sense of responsibility with my parents on board.  However, all went well.  We turned on our running lights, set a waypoint on the iNavX, took note of our compass heading, and puttered in.  Navigating through the fog felt like a leap of faith, but after ten minutes we could see Avery Point, and by the time we were back in the mooring field the fog was already starting to clear.  Guess we can cross that first off of the list!

Saturday the 17th found Jeff and I driving down to Shenny for a partial weekend.  We were looking forward to a nice sail that day, and we were planning to spend the night and drive to the Newport Boat Show the following day.  Before we could have fun, though, we needed to take care of some boat chores – primarily, cleaning Peguteeny.

Next spring we’re going to put a coat of bottom paint on Peguteeny before she splashes, but when we bought her we didn’t know where her waterline would be so we decided to let nature show us this summer.  This was the third time cleaning her, which wasn’t too bad, but we’ll be glad to paint her next year!

Once that chore was squared away, we were ready to have some fun and go sailing!  It was a beautiful, sunny day with winds around 10 knots so we decided to just head out and sail around.

We hadn’t been out for long when we noticed a motor boat next to us.  It was my co-worker, Chuck and his wife (who are also Shenny members), and they were taking pictures!  We were really psyched!  It’s not often that you get pictures of your own boat under sail.  Lots of waving and smiles followed, and then they headed off to continue enjoying a beautiful day.

Pegu Club under sail on a beautiful day!

On Sunday we drove up to the Newport Boat Show with a list of company reps that we wanted to talk to.  Before we leave we’re probably going to be getting a new engine and we’ll definitely be buying new sails, so we spent some time at the Beta Marine booth and getting some information from various sail manufacturers.  The most fun part though, was talking to David Foynes who owns the Fatty Knees company.

Even though we had found Peguteeny on Craig’s List, when I told David that we had picked her up on Cape Cod not too far from his place, he knew exactly what Fatty Knees I was talking about.  It was rather amazing.  We had a great time chatting with him and his wife, and I pretty much gushed for a while about how much I love our Peguteeny.

Before we left the booth we ordered up a sail kit for Peguteeny which I’m very excited about.  Leading up to the show we had debated buying a sail kit for her.  We knew it was definitely something we wanted to get, it was just a matter of when.  Now in just a few more weeks she’ll be fully kitted out.  We’ll be able to sail Peguteeny around Pine Island Bay on those days when it’s not windy enough to take Pegu Club out, or sail her to the dinghy dock when we’re anchored far away and we don’t want to put the outboard on.

We left Newport with our wallet smoking, but we were happy.  It had been another great weekend immersed in boating.  The only cloud in the horizon is Pegu Club’s looming haul out date (the Sunday after Columbus Day weekend), but to quote my sister, that’s not part of my reality.  At least for now.

2 thoughts on “First fog.

  1. K, love your writing of our visit. We had such a great time sailing around, even in the fog. I don’t think I was nervous, I knew you both would make sure we got back safely. Can’t wait to see you in January. Love, N

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