Back at it!

Now that we don’t have to focus on getting the house ready to sell, we can turn our attention back to Pegu Club.  With splash planned for the end of next month, it’s not a moment too soon!

This past weekend was bitterly cold with highs in the 20’s and low 30’s – not good boat work weather.  However, we did want to check on Pegu Club and take stock of what we need to do over the next six weeks, so we bundled up and drove down to Shenny.

All looked well with Pegu Club.  A Softsoap container in the head had cracked from the below-freezing temperatures over the winter (that’s going to be one clean countertop), and we saw that we had narrowly avoided a minor flood from a 2 gallon jug of water.  It had frozen solid, and with no real room to expand the side was bulging and cracked.  Jeff said it’s a good thing it hadn’t thawed, because 2 gallons of water would have poured all over the floor.  Lesson learned.

Jeff’s gloved finger is pointing out the bulge on the left.

After reminding ourselves of what tools we had on board and peering intently at the areas of our next few projects, we scurried back to the warmth of the car.

This year’s spring projects are going to be divided between what has to be done before we splash and what can be done in the first few weeks we’re on the water.  Priority number one is to replace the flax and hose for the rudder stuffing box.  We also want to replace the steering chain and cable; replace the final thruhull and seacock (located at the raw water intake); fix the wire slap in the mast once and for all; finish the keel repair from our grounding (we need to sand and put some barrier coat on); sew a foredeck bag for our hank on jib; and the typical wash/wax/touch up bottom paint and the bootstripe.  The rest of it can wait until we splash: cleaning and painting the bilge; finishing the cockpit cushions; stripping some Cetol off of the brightwork – those kinds of things.

Typically we splash the last weekend in April, and we were hoping to bump it up a week this year.  Mother Nature is NOT cooperating, though.  Just like last year, spring is proving to be colder and snowier than the winter.  Sigh.  I just keep reminding myself that before we know it we’ll be soaking up the warm sun while we’re sailing Pegu Club.  It can’t come quickly enough!

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