December by the numbers.


Below are the numbers for December, including what we spent.  This month we made it to Florida, starting the month near Georgetown, SC and ending in Cocoa, FL. 

The cash outflow was significantly better and much closer to what we’d like to be spending.  We already know that January will be another very high expense month, but that’s a story for another post.  

Here we go:

Days under way: 14

Nautical miles covered: 458.5

Gallons of diesel used: approximately 40

Number of states: 3 (South Carolina, Georgia, Florida). 

Nights at anchor: 14

Nights on a mooring: 11 (4 nights in Beaufort, SC and 7 in St. Augustine, FL)

Nights at a slip: 6 (3 nights were free)


Groceries/Non-food Groceries: $544.07

Diesel/Gasoline: $94.95

Propane/Denatured Alcohol: $44.50.  Four cans of propane which we use for heat and the grill, and one gallon of denatured alcohol for the stove.

Health Care: $258.24.  This includes paying for our full year’s 2019 premium in advance on the health exchange. 

Cell phone and internet (2 phones, one iPad data plan, iCloud storage, and a

Garmin inReach subscription): $216.41.  This went up as we were experimenting with the right combination of hot spot data and inReach plan.  It will decrease quite a bit beginning next month.

Laundry: $12.00. 

Ice: $8.00

Netflix: $11.10

Boat stuff: $437.91.  The majority of this was for an ATN Mastclimber so I can climb the mast when needed.  Hauling me up in the bosun’s chair is beyond Jeff’s stamina given his CHF, so some research turned up the Mastclimber.  We also bought an extra snubber hook for the chain, 2 packages of step-down connectors, a gallon of oil, 5 oil diapers, a dinghy light so we would be compliant in Florida, a small amount of chain and line for our dinghy anchor and a bag to hold it all in, some rubber gasket, and a strip of teak to replace the one that broke on our slider. 

Restaurants/Entertainment: $226.57

Uber/Bus: $30.53

New York Times subscription: $20.20

Marinas/moorings: $401.78.  This is for four nights on a mooring in Beaufort, SC (a storm kept us there for two extra nights), three nights at the Isle of Hope Marina near Savannah so we could visit my aunt and uncle, and seven nights on a mooring in St. Augustine, FL (we were going to stay for five nights but were having fun so decided to stay for two extra nights). 

Clothing: $25 

Random: $75.67.  This includes a haircut for Jeff, hand warmer packets, a Kindle book, a $1.99 game for the iPad (I was going stir crazy with the weather), hangers, a box of cloth rags, AAA batteries, and marina tips. 

Total: $2,406.93

September – December average: $4,465.95

4 thoughts on “December by the numbers.

  1. It seems that we cheat when I list our numbers: I don’t include health insurance and other things that we would pay whether or not we’re aboard – Though I do include food.

    Thanks for continuing to post this info.

    We’ll be traveling by car in the Ft Lauderdale area around the 24th through 30th, will you be near by?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, John. Not listing things that you would pay regardless makes sense too. We very well may be in the FLL area by then. It will all depend on whether we get a window to leave for the Bahamas from Lake Worth or not. Let’s keep in touch! Kimberly


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