November by the numbers.


In November we put the pedal to the metal, going from Beaufort, NC to Vero Beach, FL where we arrived on November 24th and remain to date.  This month we spent quite a bit on marinas (including one payment on November 30th covering the first week of December in Vero Beach).  The weather was not our friend in South Carolina and Georgia, two states not exactly known for an abundance of anchorages with great wind protection, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

Towards the end of the month we also started stocking up on items that we won’t be easily able to obtain in the Bahamas or perhaps the Dominican Republic.  We know from our experience last year that while we may spend quite a bit up front in provisions, that will be more than offset when we get to the Bahamas and spend very little.

With that said, here we go:

Days under way: 16

Nautical miles covered:  635.23

Number of States: 4 (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida)

Nights at anchor: 12

Nights on a mooring: 12

Nights at a dock: 6


Groceries/Non-food Groceries/Alcohol: $612.82

Diesel/Gasoline: $188.69 – we now have a completely full tank and jerry jugs so should only need to purchase a few gallons before leaving for the Bahamas

Propane/denatured alcohol: $23.96

Medical: $20.25

Cell data, iCloud storage, and Garmin inReach subscription: $87.72

Amazon Prime: $12.99

Laundry: $10.50

Restaurants/Entertainment: $188.90

Uber: $27.01

New York Times subscription: $20.20

Coast Guard Documentation Renewal: $26.00

Marinas: $656.62

Boat stuff: $227.59 (dinghy tow rope, extra line, courtesy flags, stainless tube and parts for water jerry jug storage)

Subscriptions: $49.91

Random: $414.50 (Aquabot, coir, marina tips, 5 gallon gas jerry jug, campachem, Brita filters, ukulele, dinghy eye bolts, coffee travel mugs, box of rags, disposable gloves)

Total: $2,567.66

2019 monthly average to date: $3,303.11

2018 monthly average (September – December): $4,465.95.

Monthly average since starting to cruise: $3,613.20

2 thoughts on “November by the numbers.

  1. Looks like Nov. was a pretty good month when compared with the averages. Any chance of you putting out a suggested provisioning list for us future Bahamas cruisers? We have often thought about what to stock up on. Space is limited in our Seaward 32RK.

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