July by the numbers.


July saw us wrapping up our 2019-2020 cruising season with a short few weeks of travel from the Dismal Swamp Canal, VA to Cambridge, MD.  We’ll be staying in Cambridge for two months taking care of some boat projects and making a few trips to Connecticut for medical appointments.

Financially it was also a quiet month which is good given that I’m still trying to psychologically recover from the watermaker purchase!

Here we go:

Days under way: 7

Nautical miles covered: 170.35

Nights on a dock: 18 (1 on the Dismal Swamp – free; 17 in Cambridge)

Nights at anchor: 13

Number of states: 2 (Virginia, Maryland)


Groceries/Non-food Groceries/Alcohol: $537.28

Gasoline/Diesel: $35.87

Medical: $20.34

Cell data, iCloud storage, and Garmin inReach subscription: $112.34

Quarterly Life insurance payment: $220.75

Laundry: $4.75

Restaurants/Entertainment: $0.00 (Covid-19 is really putting a crimp in our style)

Maintenance: $21.51 (painters tape, tack rags, tins for varnish)

Subscriptions and Random Items: $384.58 (Netflix, Amazon Prime, New York Times, annual WordPress payment, marina tips, donations, pillows, flyswatters, dinghy parking, box fans, cargo net, spatula, DVD, water bottles, Bees Wrap, etc.).

Total: $1,337.42

2020 Monthly average: $2,785.57

2019 monthly average: $3,457.97

2018 monthly average (September – December): $4,465.95

Monthly average since starting to cruise: $3,428.63

2 thoughts on “July by the numbers.

  1. Kim

    We have a Bristol 29.9 there at the Cambridge Marina slip F3. We got her about a year ago and still doing lots of work. Would love to meet you all while you are in Cambridge and hear your adventures. E-mail me at and we could arrange a time to meet.


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