The countdown to splash continues.

The pre-season projects are continuing as we count down to splash for this season.  Jeff had to work on Saturday so we were only able to get in one day at Shenny on the weekend of April 21st.

Earlier in the week it looked like the weather was going to be lousy on Sunday, but we ended up with a sunny day with highs in the mid 50’s – warm enough to sand and fair the keel repair that we started last fall that was needed after we ran aground.  We brought the West System manual with us since it had been a while since we last did this, but soon enough Jeff had finished fairing the keel with final touches to be applied next weekend.


Jeff also figured out a way to put a new zinc on our propeller shaft.  Pegu Club has an odd looking zinc that fits on the end of the propeller.  It’s in decent shape, but we haven’t been able to find a replacement despite searching high and low on the internet.  We also couldn’t find one to fit around the shaft, which has a key-way holding the propeller in the shaft.  Hmmm.  What to do, what to do?  Jeff finally had the great idea to buy a traditional collar zinc and use the Dremel to cut a slot in it to fit around the key.  Way to go, MacGyver!

The original zinc that we couldn’t find a replacement for.

After that it was time to do a bit of engine maintenance and replace the impeller.  We still had our notes from last year when John Bayreuther gave us a basic tutorial, so that helped, but it still took about four times as long as it took the professional to do it!

While Jeff was working on the impeller he noticed that one of the bolts holding the alternator onto the engine had worked itself loose and fallen off.  Fortunately we found the escapee and it was reattached, but Jeff decided that was a good reason to take a look at all of the bolts and hose clamps so we spent some time tightening everything up.  It’s amazing how loose everything gets over time!  Of course the opposite happens with the seacocks – they get stiff when you don’t work them – so we also opened and closed them several times.

Before we knew it the day was over, and we didn’t feel like we had accomplished very much.  Looks like the weekend of April 28th is going to be extremely busy!

2 thoughts on “The countdown to splash continues.

  1. Hello! I ran across your blog on the search term “Fatty Knees vs Portland Pudgy”. It looks like you and I are on fairly similar trajectories. I’ve also recently returned to sailing after a 25 year sabbatical, purchased a good old boat (Niagara 35) and have started working towards a date when we will tell our bosses “catch you later” and sail away. We are thinking 2019. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog. But right now, I’ve gotta spend more time finding a dingy. All the docks in Lake Ontario are under water and will remain that way for a good chunk of the season, so I’m doing my dingy shopping a bit ahead of schedule. Cheers!

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    1. Hi Thom – thanks for posting! Niagara 35’s are great boats. We looked at one when we started shopping for the bigger boat – congratulations! Where on Lake Ontario do you sail? Jeff is a Rochester native and spent some time sailing there when he was growing up. Good luck with the dinghy search – I know the used ones get snatched up pretty quickly. Kimberly


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